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Could anybody stop Argentina after  Messi  masterclass performance

The N10 plays at the top of his game at the moment, and no team was able to reach him so far in this Copa America Centennial - nobody can deny them in the end?

HOUSTON - if Tata Martino was concerned about the occasional defensive fragility of Argentina before his semi-final of the Copa America Centennial against the United States, should not. It was Lionel Messi.

The Barcelona forward has been the heart of everything that their countries have made during their relatively limited time until the summer camp. This magnificent tour of the hat in Chicago - scored at 19 minutes - help fine and his goal matching record against Venezuela in Foxborough on Saturday. Here, at the stage of NRG, put Argentina in his third final in three years after a 4-0 victory over the American national team on Tuesday.

Your pass from Ezequiel Lavezzi was excellent, but - if its competition - is perhaps not as good as he gave for Gonzalo Higuain in the last round. But his free kick, which is 2-0 and essentially ended the game after 32 minutes; maybe it was one of the best goals ever.

Its game play against Panama in the phase of groups, the second goal of his triple, was brilliant. Manual. Against Bolivia, from a broader perspective, it almost defies logical beating in the farthest corner. Whizzed centimeters outside the station. Here, he surpassed himself. Just to the left of Center, more than 25 yards and with the left side of the goal of Brad Guzan gaping, he chose to go the other way. We were surprised. Wrapping his left boot around the ball, he was right, the covered Guzan and got beat American goalkeeper by pushing the ball in this small gap between glove and crossbar – grazing woodworking as it was. It was beautiful.

It was also the goal that puts him as a scorer of the Argentina. Entering this tournament which had four behind Gabriel Batistuta, whose balance sheet has been 14 years. The hat-trick. He moved. In their last match, put the ball between the legs of goalkeeper Dani Hernanez for next level. Only an hour and a half in this game, broke, deleted, for a purpose which would have been remembered for years until it took place in a friendly atmosphere. Of course, he put his team in the Copa America final.

One that you confronted Argentina on Sunday, which is the Colombia or Chile, they should be frightened. Messi plays at the top of his game at the moment, and nothing indicates that everyone can live with it. In fact, some teams were able to deal with it in such a way in the last ten years.

Before this match, Martino took care to emphasize that his men "are not the best" regarding the front or build pressure

Ding to the upper part of the back. He was referred to a period of 15 minutes neglected against the Venezuela and what would happen if they were also careless against States.

It is excellent support for guests, also. More than 70,000 people filled the stage of NRG in Houston, and the environment promised to be electric, particularly after a poignant interpretation of the national anthem. But that was just off but after three minutes when Lavezzi chipped ball Messi head at the top. He said from there, and Higuain made 0 shortly after the half-time to start dominating. And Messi, in goal four minutes to go, could have added to their account, but chosen Higuain quadrature in a tap-in.

The United States was the long game, much before this and still has not registered a shot on target all night, to the frustration of the crowd.

The Americans came in this game with Jürgen Klinsmann insisting that he would attack the Argentina. They do not have the opportunity. The German coach also suggested the employment of his men against Cristiano Ronaldo in the World Cup two years ago must be in a good position to stop Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo, however, was demonstrably unfit, and you should probably play the Brazil in everything. And it has always provided a last-minute support. Messi is in top form after his setback before the tournament and is, simply, at a different level now.

Either Colombia or Chile, the Argentina side must face their toughest test to date Cup. Both teams stopped Messi (it enough) in the edition of last year when both parties went to penalties. But while Messi plays an influential role in the road to the final, as did the Brazil the previous year, not played anything like it is now.

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